Receiving warehouse query

Air warehouse

recipient: frankly
province:Guangdong Province
city :Guangzhou City
address: Air Warehouse :广州市白云区大朗东路自编9号佳时迅国际8号仓 ((Member ID))
mobile phone:18520032005
post code:510000

Shipping warehouse

recipient: Alex((Member ID))
province:Guangdong Province
city :Guangzhou City
address: Sea Warehouse :广州市白云区大朗东路自编9号佳时迅国际11号仓 ((Member ID))
mobile phone:13822297450
post code:510000

Small parcel warehouse

recipient: 黄业宏
city :Guangzhou
address: Parcel express Warehouse: 广州市白云区大朗东路自编9号佳时迅国际8号仓
mobile phone:13570494715
post code:510000

Yiwu-Shipping Warehouse

recipient: Duncan
province:Zhejiang Province
city :Yiwu City
address: 浙江省义乌市商城大道遗安一区46栋二单元
mobile phone:+86 18520032005
Telephone:+86 18520032005
post code:商城大道遗安一区46栋二单元
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